I'm Greg, an LA-born, Sydney-based photographer. I've had a number of life experiences that have shaped how I see the world and take pictures.  From playing bass in a pre-Guns N' Roses band with Slash and Steve Adler to working in combat zones in Central America and the Middle East to busting bad guys as an undercover cop in Germany. I'm a trained psychologist and more recently, an executive in a large corporation. I've traveled quite a bit throughout America, Australia, Asia, and Europe; was in Berlin for the fall of the wall and at the flash point in South Central Los Angeles during the LA riots.  

Two of my pictures were recently selected by VICE as their favourite photos of Australia for 2014/15.  I have also won a few photographic awards along the way and had work exhibited in galleries in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Istanbul. I'm currently represented by Black Eye Gallery in Sydney.

I'm available for commercial, production, documentary, digital, art projects and event photographic work. Past clients include Arnott's Tim Tam, Government of Australia, TAL, Johnson & Johnson, Apple Inc., FOXTEL, and Woolworths Ltd. 

Limited edition prints for most of the photos on this site are available to purchase (prices vary, please send me a note for more info or check out the "Print Sales" bit on this site).  

You can contact me at gregmarsden@yahoo.com.